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Tips on How You Can Use Technology to be a Better Shopper

Are you a smart shopper? Do you wait for sales or do you buy when you want to buy? What kind of technology user are you? If you have access to technology, and if you are not a good shopper, you can become a better shopper with technology. If you have a smartphone then you are already halfway to becoming a better shopper. According to an article, there are advancements in technology that’s main goal is to conveniently help you out. Some of this technology that is development and or already being implemented include: tracking eye movements (you look at a poster and it is looking back at you), connecting with the customers by watching them on cameras, monitoring your mood (increasing impulse buys), providing you with instant gratification (getting it fast online, etc.), doing the shopping for you, and renting items and products instead of buying them. Beacons are advance technology that lets you know as soon as you enter the store that something you need is on sale. Once in the store, the beacon will even direct you to it. Smart technology, such as smart appliances, can even let you know when you are running low on something. From sending you coupons to your phone to giving you notice of an upcoming sale, technology is helping people all over become more savvy shoppers.

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